Mission Statement:

  At Creative Release our goal is to promote diversity through shared art, while inspiring others to be passionate creators of the future. The voices of the people are important to understand each other and engage within a large community of artists for self-discovery.

Now accepting submissions for the  Spring Issue!

We are excited to let you know that we are accepting submissions for our next issue! Please submit your work using the Submit button on top of this webpage! We are looking for creative works, such as short stories, poetry, paintings, photographs and we are now experimenting with Creative-nonfiction, such as film reviews, literary/art/film criticism and/or research. If you are making art in any other form, all you need to do is just try and submit it, we will reply to your submission shortly! 

Submission deadline: 28th of February.

Upcoming Events

On Foothill Campus:

 Creative Writing Meetups: 

  • January 14th Room 6307. 2 - 3 pm
  • January 28th Room 6307 2 - 3 pm

Photography Meetups and Film Discussion:

  • January 21st Room 6307 2 - 3 pm
  • February 4th Room 6307 2 pm - 3 pm

Become an ambassador!

Creative Release is always ready to welcome new people into the community! We are providing free merch, help with recruiting and you are always welcome at our quarterly conference! All you need to do is simply open a creative arts club on your campus and reach out. Every highschool and college is ellegible, no matter if you already have a creative arts, writing club/magazine or you don't. Click the button below to reach out!

The second edition of Creative Release Magazine is finally here! Our team has worked hard to improve, including illustrations and more photographs. The careful choice of submissions resulted in a compelling collection of works that discuss topics such as individuality, the relation of one to society and nature. We are excited to present it and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it! Enjoy and submit your pieces to the next issue!